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I am working on an album called “Couleurs” that is a unique and fantastical artistic project. The album will consist of original songs inspired by the French, the afterworld, and human emotions.

As an independent artist, I strive to create unique and captivating music that entertains, evokes emotion, and takes the listener on a journey.

Creating an album requires a lot of resources and financial investment. That’s why I am reaching out to you, my supporters, to ask for your help in bringing this project to life.

With your help, I can take the afterworld to the next level by delivering an experience like no other. Producing such an ambitious album requires resources, and that’s where you come in. By supporting The Electric Phantom, you are not only helping me to bring this vision to life, I will use your help to:

  • Finish and release the album “Couleurs”.
  • Collaborate with labels and promoters.
  • Prepare live shows.

Your donation will allow me to invest in the equipment and studio time to ensure that The Electric Phantom reaches its full potential. With your help, I can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and create new art around the French heritage and the afterworld.

In return for your generosity, I am offering exclusive rewards that give you a glimpse behind the scenes of the creation process and allow you to experience “Couleurs” more personally.

Thank you for considering supporting my project. Together, we can create something truly magical!

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