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In this article, I share some of my professional experiences in digital projects and marketing.

All-in-one digital, marketing, or growth hacker or whatever trendy title you prefer. I am a French marketing technologist, multimedia artist, passionate. I’ve spent over a decade creating and managing websites, digital projects, and marketing campaigns in different industries and countries (France and the US).
I’ve also worked as a freelance since 2010.

Looking for a new challenge, new projects, and clients

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I aim to help small businesses grow their online presence by providing high-quality content. Having experience in all marketing aspects and project strategy, development and management, I can take up complex challenges and delegate specific tasks to improve the ROI.

I have created digital projects from scratch or modified existing ones, improved the SEO, SEA, and built responsive websites that work across multiple devices. I have developed websites for small businesses, non-profits, and large corporations.

I have strong experience as a project manager in digital projects, ERP, software development, and a solid ability to understand and anticipate user needs (and UX/UI).

I have also done extensive research on various topics such as artificial intelligence, CRM, data science, and so on. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

Marketing Manager of an IT company

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Cloud computing has been around for years. Watch this presentation where I talked about the company I work for, it’s about cloud migration between different collaboration systems.

This video was made by digitechnologie, in Paris, I worked with Florian to write this article in French.

Cloud computing case study, marketing material I produce content to help users understand how to use the platform (SaaS). This includes helping to make decisions about whether to go with a provider or another one.

It also means ensuring they understand how to implement the products and take the most of our services. Concretely, I take care of:

Overall, I take care of all the marketing for this small company, with a lot of SEO, SEA (SEM). I developed my ability to perform independently, without a positive teamwork environment, and to lead a department alone with a budget of “as low as possible”.

Marketing and Digital Solutions Manager in the US

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I moved to the United States in 2014, working as the Marketing and Digital Solutions Manager for a B2B Notified Body.

As a marketer and IT expert, I was in charge of getting more visibility and attracting qualified leads. It was similar to my recent experience above, except for several tools I was using: Joomla, Webex, Acymailing, etc.

I was doing the Product Owner job

  • Formalize the needs according to the objectives.
  • Manage digital processes and record ERP deployment, testing, improvement, requirements, and new components.
  • Provide training, instructions, and user guides.

And I was in charge of the Digital Transformation

  • Coordinate with players all necessary projects to merge/enhance local and Headquarters IT projects.
  • Led Microsoft adoption effort for Microsoft 365.
  • Debug IT issues. Manage the IT network, tools, and reliability.
  • Ordered IT supplies and helped maintain office continuity.


  • Supervise digital staff, resources, and vendors.
  • Facilitated cross-departmental working.
  • Implementing a performance appraisal process.
  • Effectively Managing Employees, etc.

Working five years in an international environment in the Washington DC area, having a cross-functional role, and leading complex projects and missions was a fantastic experience.

I went back to France in 2019. Recommendations are available upon request.

And several other digital experiences

#webmaster #manager #multimedia #student #3d #dev

Before moving to the US, I had different experiences, such as Webmaster and Freelancer. I worked on several 3D projects (3DsMax), Java, and Adobe Flash (javascript) development.

You will find some of my previous projects here:

To sum up:

  • Working experience in France and the US.
  • MSc Marketing/Multimedia 2010.
  • I bring order to chaos and break down complex projects into basic steps to achieve success consistently.
  • I delegate specific tasks, search, select and manage outsourced freelancers and marketing agencies.
  • I collaborate with Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn Ads account strategists to improve the ROI.
  • I built my first PC, program (C++), and website (HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL) in the 2000s.
  • Using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, etc. I remember upgrading from Adobe CS2 to CS3!
  • Sound Engineer. DAW Cubase Pro 11, using it since SX3 (2005).

And you? Do you work in IT, marketing as well? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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