The Electric Phantom New Single Couleurs

New Single Couleurs

Embark on an auditory voyage that intertwines darkness, radiance, melancholy, and euphoria.

The single blends distorted and atmospheric synths with pulsating rock beats and the Phantom’s haunting French voice. It is now available for purchase and includes 3 tracks: « Couleurs » in both video and extended versions and a piano version.

The instrumentation on « Couleurs » was made with distorted synths and atmospheric effects, creating a dark and catchy soundscape. The pulsating rock beat adds a sense of intensity to the track, driving it forward and giving it a sense of momentum.

I created a unique sound and style combining rock, electronica, French, and fantastic music elements. With « Couleurs, » I want to take the afterworld to the next level, delivering a powerful and unforgettable musical experience:

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